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Complete the Food Loop

You bring your reusable bags when you get groceries. You eat at local restaurants. You support the farm to table movement. But what about supporting table to farm? Complete the food loop by composting with Food Loop!

When you give us your food waste, we turn it into compost and give all those nutrients back to the earth. This helps make the planet (and you) a lot cooler!



- Monthly Pick Up $15/mo
- Bi-Weekly Pick Up $27/mo or $308/year
- Weekly Pick Up $35/mo or $399/year
Weekly Drop Off
$12/mo or $130/year

Access to all our current and future drop off locations

$12/month or


Use your own container (preferred) or buy one of ours for $5


Monthly: $15/month or $180/year

Bi-Weekly: $27/month or $308/year (save 5%)

Weekly: $35/month or $399/year (save 5%)

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