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What's so great about composting?

You're probably here because you've heard that composting is something you should do but you're maybe unsure why.


Composting is an intentional way of bringing nutrients back to the earth, something nature does really well on its own without us. However, we produce way more waste than nature can handle. Instead of your food scraps and compostable items going to landfills where it gets incinerated (producing more methane gas to heat up our sweet planet) or buried (hiding and improperly decomposing our waste), your food scraps and compostable items gets decomposed by naturally occurring bacteria and can be reused once again to make more food. Composting closes the food loop of farm to table and table to farm.

But how does it work?

After Food Loop picks up your bucket of food waste (green matter), we bring it to our Composting Hub. We layer it with wood chips (brown matter) and let the microorganisms and macro and microorganisms get to work. As they break down all the yummy matter we've fed it, they start to reproduce and things heat up. Literally. The compost pile starts to heat up to 120-164F. This heat kills nasty pathogens and seeds (including weed seeds!). After turning the compost several times, the temperature of the pile goes back down. The pile rests for at least 4 weeks until it's ready to be delivered to YOU.

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