Food Scrap Drop Off Locations

A New Way to Compost

We want composting to be ubiquitous in Loudoun County and beyond. Food scrap drop off locations make it easy to compost your waste. For $5/month, you have access to our growing number of drop off locations and get at least two shares of compost for yourself or a friend.


Our current locations (exact address will be e-mailed once you start your subscription):

  • Ashburn, VA - 0.7 mi north of Chik-Fil-A

  • Leesburg, VA - 3 mi south of Masons Ln and Gleedsville Rd

  • NE Leesburg, VA - 0.5 mi north of Sheetz

  • Herndon, VA - 1.5 mi north of Herndon High School


If you're interested in hosting a drop off location, please send us an e-mail.

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