Composting Hubs

Making Black Gold Magic

in Your Community

Compost, affectionately known as black gold in the gardening world, can be made in large-scale facilities or right in your neighborhood. Food Loop closes the food loop as locally as possible. That means transforming your food scraps into compost in a small scale 3-bin composting system then giving it right back to you when it's nice and ready.


We currently have one hub in beautiful Aldie, VA doing the most for your compost. We invite you to take a masked and socially distant field trip to see how it works. Send us an email to schedule.


If you or your HOA might be interested in partnering with Food Loop and creating a Composting Hub in your community, send us an e-mail or text. We will work with you every step of the way to build and manage this amenity at your property or in your community.