Frequently Asked Questions

Do you compost citrus peels, avocado peels/pits, cherry pits, seeds, and/or nuts?

Yes! If it came from a plant, we can compost it.

Why don't you compost meat? Shellfish?

While our compost piles get hot enough to kill food-borne pathogens, composting meat would quallify us for a different level of composting that we aren't equipped for just yet.

Can we compost cooked vegetables?

Cooking usually involves oil. Oil slows down the composting process. Please keep these out of your food waste buckets and our drop off bins.

Can I compost spent flower bouquets?


Can I donate my food waste to Food Loop? As in, will Food Loop compost my food waste for free?

No. As much as we love witnessing the magic that is compost, we cannot provide the service for free. It takes time, resources, and effort to compost hundreds of pounds of food waste each week. We are happy to teach you how to compost at your home or how to set up a composting hub in your neighborhood. Just send us an email!

Not sure about an item?

Send us an email or text (571-601-2082) to check if something is compostable with Food Loop.